Sexual Assault Climate Survey

ag线上比赛 is deeply committed to equal opportunity and a tolerant, supportive learning environment.

In compliance with New York Education Law Section 129-B, Enough is Enough, ag线上比赛 conducts a Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey every two years. This page is dedicated to communicating those results with members of our campus, our greater community, and the public.

Hartwick currently participates with the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium in assessing our campus climate.

2019 HEDS Sexual Assault Campus Climate Report

2017 HEDS Sexual Assault Campus Climate Report

Each member of the ag线上比赛 community is responsible to help maintain a working and learning environment that is free of sex discrimination, harassment, and misconduct. Any concerns or questions may be directed to the 第九条 Coordinator.

Traci Perrin, 第九条 Coordinator